Two Big Cloud Trends Being Predicted for 2014

The cloud is quickly becoming a go-to storage option for a number of industries, and the cloud contact center is also specifically on the rise. A recent blog by Forrester Research points to some of the biggest cloud trends that businesses can look forward to in 2014. Let’s take a look at two of the top advances to come:


Rise of SaaS for Cloud Storage


In the days before the cloud, everything was stored on premise. And why not? To have your data and information in-house, where you know it is safe, is always ideal. Until it isn’t. The cost of storing data on premise is more expensive than storing it in the cloud, and with the rise of Software-as-a-Service (SaaS), the cloud is now so secure that there’s no reason to keep your more complex data on premise (unless you love throwing away money). By connecting on-premise users to the cloud, data is now being safely transferred and virtualized for their business. In 2014, the sky – and the clouds up in it – is the limit for what’s next.


More Cloud Providers Being Acquired


As more vendors of Identity and Access Management (IAM) are finding that they lack the appropriate IAM framework and on-premise IAM products necessary, they are turning to cloud services. In 2014, look for a greater number of acquisitions of cloud IAM providers. The time is just right to get involved in the cloud IAM space.


These are just two of the various cloud trends to be on the lookout for as 2014 unfolds. As cloud computing becomes increasingly prevalent throughout a variety of important industries, it will be exciting to look towards 2015 and beyond to see just how far this technology can go. 

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