Two Companies, One Successful Long-Term Relationship

In an interview with Claude Briquet, the founding director of ADM Value, we learn about the power and reliability of Vocalcom’s technology. A call center specializing in outsourcing and managing offshore client relationships, ADM Value sought out a dependable contact center solution in 1997. The company invested in Vocalcom only two years after its initial launch and has since remained a loyal client.Briquet goes on the record by saying that his company had tried other solutions that were “US predictive” or alternative offerings developed by other industry players; however, it was Vocalcom’s simplistic and ergonomic platform that met all of its unique criteria – and continued to after 15 years. A main benefit, he says, is that everything is included, especially all of the vital functionalities that clients are looking for, such as remote listening and long distance supervision.For ADM Value, we made it—and continue to make it—effortless to implement all that is needed to meet any unique business objective. Briquet continues, “Hermes.net can virtually manage a position located anywhere in the world under the condition that fiber-optic technology is there.”Briquet is just one of many who show just how Vocalcom’s technology is able to create tools that adapt to customers’ and call center agents’ needs.The fact that ADM Value is still a satisfied user in 2012 (and in 2013, as the interview was posted this year), reflects the powerful influence we have on businesses looking for reliable call center technology in a globalized and complex world.If you’re looking to drive your operations to the digital world—whether it’s by leveraging our hosted, virtual or Web-based contact center technology—to engage customers anytime and anywhere, explore all of what we offer by clicking here.

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