Two Questions Every Social Contact Center Agent Should Be Able to Answer

Sure, powerful call center applications, solutions and software are vital to securing business continuity and sales…but have you considered how your call center agents are supporting this technology? Call center agents essentially make up the face of your operations. They need to be empowered with the knowledge and know-how to support your customers’ every last inquisitive whim. Your agents need to know the answers to your customers’ wide range of questions; however, the only way that they can properly do so is by being a well of information. This is especially important concerning today’s digital unified contact center, which widens the scope of knowledge through social and mobile integration.

In this series, we’ll divulge two questions every unified call center agent should be able to answer.

Question #1: How are social media strategies being measured for success?

Do your contact center agents know what key performance indicators (KPIs) you measure for each social media platform? You could have hundreds of thousands of Twitter followers and Facebook fans, but it’s not enough if you’re not actively measuring how those customers are improving the success of your overall social media strategy. How many customers are directly engaging with you and, more importantly, how many are you engaging back? Don’t be part of the 70 percent of companies who ignore customer complaints on Twitter.

Question #2: How do you think your company’s social media efforts could be further amplified?

Your agents are supposed to sit in a seat and look pretty. They should be helping their managers identify strategic areas of improvement for customer engagement and sales. This includes amplifying their social media efforts. For example, does your agent have any thoughts on what sites your company should be leveraging that it currently isn’t? This will show that your agents have done some research and aren’t afraid to contribute to the conversation.

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