Two Simple Ways the Right Call Center Software Can Amplify Customer Strategy

The right call center software should support your call center’s customer engagement strategies, not stifle them. This is where disruptive, cloud-based call center software comes into play. It’s time to throw away legacy software that keeps your operations confined and implement a cloud-based call center software solution that helps amplify your customer strategy.Below are two simple and cost-effective ways in which the right call center software can amplify your customer strategy and collect customer feedback.1.       Customer SurveysSome argue that the most effective and efficient way to gain customer feedback is through surveys. Avoid implementing more than 15 questions in the survey to ensure high response rates. And be sure to ask questions that are relevant to your company’s respected industry.For example, customer surveys can be held via Twitter or Facebook. This is an incredibly easy way to rapidly collect pertinent customer data, where agents can then respond and engage directly via the social media platform for further inquiry.2.       Feature ContestsA great way to engage with customers while simultaneously gathering feedback and customer data is by holding a company contest. Ask your customers to fill out a quick product survey or questionnaire on Twitter or Facebook using your company’s handle or product hashtag in order to qualify for a prize. Agents can then track and communicate directly with customers who participate in the contest.Is your current call center software making it difficult to engage with customers? See how Vocalcom’s transformative cloud-based contact center software can help you amplify your customer strategy. To learn more click here.

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