Unleashing the Power of Workforce Connectivity

Staying connected is crucial in a world where we can no longer live without social media. Many businesses have integrated social media into their everyday operations as a means of connecting with others; however, as we all know, today’s workforce is constantly changing. Working in a social environment is now more than that just an expectation. We think companies looking to solidify their presence in today’s hyper-connected workforce could learn a lesson from one of our partners, Salesforce, who does an excellent job of raising the bar.

Facebook, the top consumer social app in the world, uses Salesforce, a social performance management platform, to maintain its social environment in the workplace. The platform is designed in a way where people in today’s evolving generation will thrive. In a recent video, Tim Campos, chief information officer of Facebook, believes that business can be more efficiently conducted via social connection with one’s peers, coworkers and best of all, customers. Today, effective business practices encompass people and how they choose to interact with one another.

Connected and knowledgeable employees are what drive business continuity and success. Just ask Lori Goler, VP of HR and Recruiting at Facebook, who was pleased to know that Salesforce maintains the same values and work ethic. Goler explained that with any technology company, it’s the servers and people who drive business. Therefore, when employees provide feedback to each other at all times, they preserve that social connectivity in the workplace.

The social platform helped Facebook build an onboarding process to help employees be rapidly brought up to speed. This is clearly critical for a business that continues to flourish in our social world. Goler further noted that when envisioning the workplace of the future, its foundations must be rooted in sociality and be built from the ground up. The next generation is social and full of benefits.

 As a long-time partner with Salesforce, Vocalcom takes pride in what the social platform has to offer to the future of the workforce.

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