Using Intelligent Predictive Dialer to Grow Faster

Contact center agents are faced with the uncertain task of reaching out to customers, often with the looming concern of a slow connection, hangup, or being directed to voicemail or a fax machine. As time and productivity are lost, so are potential customers when agents are aiming to make a sale. Numerous reports have found that up to half of all consumers hang up when there is a delay or pause from an unknown phone number. Contact centers therefore lose a tremendous pool of potential customers when their outbound system isn’t optimized to reach the most customers as efficiently as possible.With a predictive dialer solution, efficiency becomes the norm. The solution is an automated service which, through a complex set of algorithms, dials phone numbers at optimized times while automatically filtering out answering and fax machines, busy signals, and disconnected calls to enable live calls as quickly as possible. So what are the specific benefits a contact center may expect?Increased efficiency. With a predictive dialer, agents and managers alike do not need to constantly consult phone number lists and manually dial customers. Agents will further experience less idle time as the dialer will be able to determine the best times to call and predict when a current call will be finished while already dialing the next number. By bypassing disconnected or unavailable phone lines as well as machines, agents will always be connected quickly to the right customers—those who are most likely to welcome such calls—at the right times.Increased profitability. A predictive dialer can greatly reduce operational costs as fewer outbound calls need to be placed, and fewer agents are needed to handle these calls. Furthermore, many studies have shown that sales can be at least doubled with the use of a predictive dialer as the right customers who are most receptive to purchase are contacted and dead time for contact center agents is eliminated.Satisfaction all around. Agents and managers will gain time and satisfaction from the enhanced efficiency of a predictive dialer, with agents particularly benefiting from the confidence of knowing that only truly potential customers are reached. On the customers’ side, the solution is designed to contact customers at a time that is most convenient for them with less calls overall. Customers won’t feel hassled and can actually welcome these calls, knowing that the business cares about respecting their time and preferences.The combination of smarter calls, efficient managers and agents, and quality contact with receptive customers makes a predictive dialer software solution the ultimate tool for increased sales. Vocalcom’s predictive dialer software in particular delivers productivity gains of more than 300%, with both Ofcom (Office of Communications, UK) and TCPA (Telephone Consumer Protection Act, US) compliance, automated call recording, and preview dialing to allow agents to review customer data before placing calls. To learn more about excellent predictive dialer software solutions, please visit www.vocalcom.com.

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