Using Your Call Center to Rise above the Retail Clutter

In the highly competitive U.S. retail market, finding new customers is a constant challenge. Leaders generally gain market share two ways: by taking customers away from their rivals, or by getting existing customers to spend more. Despite this, there is a third strategy for getting new customers that is quietly becoming popular among a small set of frontrunners: Garnering the business of foreign travelers when they are on American soil.

Bloomingdale’s is a great example. The haute couture retailer posts on its website “We [heart] the UK.] Just how much does the brand love its foreign travelers? It offers translators in nine languages and provides free package delivery to hotels in New York, Miami, Chicago and San Francisco for purchases over $250.

There are many ways call center solutions can help support this strategy—for instance, with in-store kiosks. With kiosks, language translation options are limitless, and this equipment enables customers to seamlessly conduct online chats with contact center agents.

Visitors can use kiosks to purchase items locally and have them shipped to their hotel or directly home. Or, they can arrange a return pickup from their hotel, university or U.S. office.

With the simple identification of a phone number or access code, the technology informs the agent of when a visiting customer is calling. When he or she hears, “Welcome back, Mr. Jones,” it will feel just like he’s home, and that kind of service will bring him back again and again.

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Want to elevate your service to the concierge level? Visiting customers could be assigned a dedicated agent while they are in town, someone who speaks their language, understands their culture and, through past history, knows their wants and needs. “You forgot your scarf? You’ll need it in this weather. May I overnight one directly to your hotel? No problem, I’ll charge it to your credit card on file.”

No matter what the channel or how many miles they’ve flown, in-store kiosks supported by the most advanced call center technology can help your company capture and maintain the loyalty of your visiting customers. With the kind of personal service you can offer them, why would they shop anywhere else?

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