Utilizing Common Smartphone Features to Inform Contact Center Clients

In running a contact center, it is important to realize how customers most frequently utilize their time. By knowing how the customer lives, the organization can more effectively reach out and connect to the customers that they serve. One interaction that cannot be ignored is using the “contact center” that the customer has at their immediate disposal—their smartphone.

In an increasingly always-on society, the smartphone can become as much of a tool for the contact center as it is for the customer that uses it. When approaching this medium, it is necessary to be informed of how the client utilizes this tool to better reach out to the customer.

According to data from an aggregated infographic, two of the top things that consumers do with their smartphone are using an app (68 percent) and watch videos (48 percent). If you’re in the contact center space, you likely know what this means. This represents two huge – and perhaps untapped – areas of potential that are just begging to be capitalized on.

How does a cloud contact center utilize app support? Well, think about the videos that are available online that support a center. Are there any? Videos can be a way to reach a customer in a format that they are obviously comfortable with (not to mention that within the marketing realm, 40 percent of people are more receptive to visuals than text).

Perhaps even combining these ideas can give a brand a more personable experience. By integrating short videos answering common questions or discussing new services on the homepage of an app, an enterprise can immediately greet and interact with the client.

As a contact center manager, keeping your workforce up to date on customer habits, behaviors and usage trends is vital. It allows you to think more creatively about how to meet your customer base where they already are. It opens the doors of opportunity even wider for you to build an even better relationship with your customers and, as a direct result, a stronger business.

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