Virtual Call Center Software Means Working Home on the Holidays

While many of Vocalcom’s clients are internationally based, for those located in the United States, the fourth of July is quickly approaching. For many Americans, this means outdoor festivities, barbeques on the beach and some celebratory toasts to the day America gained its independence. Many people will be enjoying their day off to spend time with friends and family; however, that doesn’t mean that all businesses shut down their operations.

Every the most novice business owner knows that an organization is never completely idle. For the call center manager, this cannot be any closer to the truth. For example, after a nice dinner out with a group of friends, one of your customers (let’s call him John) attends a fireworks show later that night. But when John returns, he finds that his credit card is missing. After retracing his steps, he realizes that the card accidentally fell out of his pocket during the fireworks show. Under the circumstances, he figures the business’ credit card hotline is closed for the day, yet he still decides to call due to the situation’s urgent nature. Hoping for the best but expecting the worst, an astonished John is connected to a live agent in mere minutes thanks to the power of advanced virtual call center software.

Virtual call center software not only enables your business to bypass any and/or all restrictions of physical, legacy hardware, but it supports at-home agents and employees in remote branches, allowing them to seamlessly service customers whenever they need it most. Even on a day when it seems almost impossible to connect with a company, any company leveraging virtual call center software lets its customers know that its expertise is readily available at any time. Not only this, but it helps boost productivity among your employees who may want to work from home.

So for those celebrating the fourth of July today, enjoy your time off. For call center managers and execs, are you readily available for your customers in case they need to reach you?

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