Virtual Call Centers: Providing the Opportunity for Multi-Channel Support

When it comes to providing customers with the dependable and reliable services they need, there’s more than one type of communication service and medium that can – and should – be utilized to achieve this goal. The form of communication customers depend on is not limited to one form. Therefore, it’s extremely important for companies to use more than one outlet to reach their clients and, ultimately, to guarantee satisfaction.

With about 53 percent of contact centers’ agent population working from a home office, it’s crucial to provide them with the tools needed in order to deliver the quality and satisfactory customer service experience clients want access to. This is partly why equipping a call center to offer multiple channels of communication is so important. Let’s take a look at four more reasons why.

1.)    By doing so, the company enables customers to choose their preferred communication method. With 77 percent of customers using more than one channel to get the acceptable experience they’re looking for, having a call center that is prepared to offer this variety is beneficial to both the company and the clients.

2.)    Having multi-channel options also gives customers the opportunity to switch between different communications. This way, they’ll never feel “stuck” or “roped in” to only one way of getting the help they need.

3.)    Multi-channel communication also gives virtual agents the necessary flexibility to take care of their unique range of customers, since they’re not limited to just one form or venue of assistance.

4.)    Multi-channel communication provides the opportunity for different forms of assistance to be seamlessly integrated. In other words, regardless of what channel is used to initially contact a company (such as over the phone or Web chat), another form of communication should be available in order to complete or follow-up on the interaction.

When properly and accurately applied, contact center mangers’ multi-channel strategy should be able to easily achieve all of these different tactics and more.

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