Virtual Queuing: Changing the World one Callback at a Time

‘Your estimated wait time is between three and five minutes. Please stay on the line until the next agent is available.’How many times has this automated message been relayed to us? During our short lunch break? When we have that slight gap open to dial in and resolve that pressing issue? It seems like we’re always put on hold when we most need immediate customer service and gratification – and the higher those minutes climb, the more impatient we inevitably become.Now, imagine hearing your estimated waiting time followed by the words, ‘Rather than stay on hold, if you’d like us to keep your place and call you back, press one.’ This is all possible thanks to virtual queuing – also called Web callback – advanced call center technology that inquires the caller’s information and calls him or her back when an agent is available.A top priority of an optimally performing call center is its simplicity and ease-of-use. Think about it. There’s really no need for the customer to wait for you for longer than we care to admit when you can just call them back when you’re ready. This customer service technology has been long maturing, but now, its benefits are finally being realized by customers looking to simplify their agent interactions.Call center solutions that boast virtual queuing eliminate hold time for inbound callers and omit the need for toll free numbers and confusing voice menus. Businesses are rapidly shifting their customer engagement strategies to incorporate social networks and through mobile apps. With the right virtual queuing solution, you can meet your customers wherever they are in one unified, comprehensive solution.To learn more about virtual queuing, click here.

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