Visual IVR Gives Customers An Effortless Mobile Experience

Delivering excellent mobile customer service is a must nowadays for businesses with the ever-prevalent use of smartphones. Consumers like to access information on the go, and many reach out to contact centers for support from their mobile devices with the hope that service will be quick and efficient. Companies keeping up with this trend may have optimized their website for mobile and utilize IVR, or interactive voice response, to enable customer service in an automated manner by gathering information from callers and directing them to the appropriate recipient. While IVR has long been standard practice for contact centers, customers often dread the long and uncertain process of going through multiple menus over the phone with no guarantee that the system will understand the responses given and eventually provide the support the customer is looking for. In short, time is wasted and loyalty is lost when customers end up frustrated.

With visual IVR, customers are given an optimized and effortless experience by being able to click or touch their way through an IVR system through a visual menu-driven interface. Customers are able to quickly select the options they need without needing to listen to the entirety of each option.

The benefits of visual IVR are numerous for both the companies employing it and customers using it.

Companies instantly cut costs as visual IVR is cheaper to deploy than traditional IVR or may be integrated seamlessly with an existing IVR system. As customers are given a faster, more efficient way to use self-service, average handle time is dramatically reduced to allow great agent availability or cut down on the need for more agents, further reducing costs for the contact center. From a marketing standpoint, the efficiency of visual IVR resonates well with customers, improving brand image as customer loyalty is gained and customer service ratings improve on social media and elsewhere. Enabling such an efficient mode of self-service is also certain to grow the number of customers who prefer mobile customer service, thus allowing for a large number of new customers who tend to use mobile service over any other channel.

From the customers’ standpoint, no longer must there be a struggle with voice recognition or time lost waiting to get a response or be routed to the appropriate agent. Visual IVR also makes it easier to get into an agent queue when necessary, while supporting speech recognition and text-to-speech in multiple languages on both the inbound and outbound sides of a call. The process is seamless and automatic, giving customers an excellent mobile experience as agents are able to customize and easily modify the platform on their end to better manage customer queue and accurately estimate waiting times.

To offer optimized mobile customer experience, companies must consider the many advantages of a visual IVR system as it provides ease, efficiency, and an effortless experience for contact centers and customers alike.

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