Vocalcom Conversational Commerce Platform awarded 2016 CRM Excellence Award

Over these last 2 years, our product has evolved from an omnichannel contact center solution into a conversational commerce platform, which is delivering impressive new features in its Spring 2016 Wave available later this month. We have introduced unassuming yet powerful updates, such as the industry-first intelligent reconnect, and innovative leaps forward, such as personalized video message on the fly and universal conversational messaging.

For the first time, messaging apps have completely overtaken social networks — while the need for customer service representatives still exists, the need for every client interaction to be handled over the phone or via email, does not.

Conversational interactions through text messaging, in-app messaging, Messenger, Telegram, WeChat, Viber, Kik, etc, allow your customers to contact you in real-time or asynchronously through a single thread. The Vocalcom conversational platform aims to simplify customer engagement for businesses offering a data-rich context and allow customers to switch between channels in a single interaction. Customers love it because it allows for easy and quick help without having to repeat information or endure long hold times. Text is the most socially useful communication technology. It can be indexed and searched efficiently, even by hand. It can be translated. It can be produced and consumed at variable speeds. It is asynchronous. It can be compared, diffed, clustered, corrected, summarized and filtered algorithmically. The breadth, scale and depth of ways people use text is unmatched by anything. A messaging app is a very quick and convenient form of communication. You don’t have to sit there while someone works out how to resolve your issue. Messenger tells you how long it usually takes for a response. Currently, 40% of companies have seen a call deflection rate when pivoting customers to SMS, and 23% have plans to add it this year, resulting in more than 60% of all contact centers offering SMS support by the end of 2016.“Conversational commerce represents a fundamental shift that is going to change the way companies interact with their customers, enabling new sales opportunities and personalized, effective, and effortless customer service,“ said Anthony Dinis, Vocalcom CEO. “This award reflects the success of the Vocalcom Conversational Commerce Platform in demonstrating the value of omnichannel engagement in meeting today’s mobile-first, digitally savvy consumers—and complementing CRM systems to deliver a seamless omnichannel customer experience with the lowest effort and cost.”

“The 17th Annual CRM Excellence Award honors Vocalcom for being a true CRM partner to its customers and clients,” said Rich Tehrani, TMC’s CEO and Group Editor-in-Chief. “Vocalcom has demonstrated to the editors of CUSTOMER magazine that its cloud technology improved the processes of its clients’ businesses by streamlining and facilitating the flow of information,” added Tehrani.

Rich Tehrani TMC CEO and Group Editor-in-Chief, noted: “The 17th Annual CRM Excellence Award honors Vocalcom for being a strategic partner to its customers and clients that are delivering market leading omnichannel customer experiences that fully leverage CRM systems. The Vocalcom Conversational Commerce Platform strives to improve the customer engagement processes of their clients’ businesses by streamlining and facilitating the flow of information.”Vocalcom, a leading global provider of cloud-based customer contact center software for sales and services, announced today that TMC, a global, integrated media company, has named Vocalcom as a 2016 CRM Excellence Award winner, presented by CUSTOMER magazine.

Based on hard data, the CRM Excellence Awards rely on facts and statistics demonstrating the improvements that the winner’s product has made in a client’s business. Winners were chosen on the basis of their product or service’s ability to help extend and expand the customer relationship to become all encompassing, covering the entire lifetime of the customer.The 2016 CRM Excellence Award winners are highlighted in the June 2016 issue of CUSTOMER magazine.


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