Vocalcom Makes Phone, Predictive Dialing Campaign 20 Percent More Productive

Customer service has never been so convenient. The emergence of Vocalcom’s Hermes Cloud contact center solution has made management and business operations significantly easier across the globe. A completely cloud-based solution for modern customer service, the technology integrates multiple channels of service and helps to drastically lower overall costs. International businesses that extend across multiple companies and demographics can dodge the bullet of damaging customer service quality. Here are two companies whose found Vocalcom an integral part of their call center success.Atento, the world’s second leading business in the customer relationship field, boasts over 70,000 call center positions across 17 countries. The France-based company is also an industry-leader in the Hispanic and Brazilian markets. So what competitive advantages did Atento realize by leveraging the power of Vocalcom’s award-winning cloud contact center software? Three years ago, the company called for a new call center and phone campaign and saw:·         Increased productivity in phone campaign and predictive dialing (20 percent higher compared to other solutions)·         80 percent of changes made by directly calling call center agents·         Flexibility in managing phone and multichannel strategiesNestlé Waters, a Turkish bottled water distributor, has over 1,300 employees and was looking to accelerate business further. Yalcin Atesever Erikli, the Communications Systems Chief, is primarily responsible for strengthening the company’s customer service endeavors, including agent responsibilities and written communications and operations. The company turned to Hermes Cloud for its transparent and flexible nature, as well as its ability to generate instantaneous reports. The hardware maintenance fees, Erikli explains, are also very low. Hermes.Net brought:·         Enhanced performance and quality due to the openness and flexibility in reporting the performance evaluation·         Easy system maintenance via advanced, integrated channels·         A truly limitless solution; according to Erikli, “There is no limit for Hermes.Net.”Click here to learn more about what makes our cloud contact center solution the world’s best.

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