Vocalcom: A Leader’s Return to the Outposts of Innovation

Innovate more, innovate always. For Vocalcom, it’s more than a mantra—it’s a proven method for bringing the best to customer service centers. Karine Palacios, who has joined the company as Chief Product Officer, lifts the veil on the new roadmap!

As a result of customer journey digitalization and changes in consumer habits, the front lines have shifted in customer service. Customer expectations are always increasing, whereas brands, on their end, have made customer experience the number one promise to keep in order to acquire customers and win their loyalty. For Karine Palacios, who joins Vocalcom as Chief Product Officer after spending more than 15 years working with international companies in the customer service market, the conclusion is clear: “The volatility of digital customer journeys has earmarked the place of customer data and CRM solutions which structure them. The development of automation and AI assistance within contact centers is reshuffling the cards. Faced with this reality, Vocalcom is evolving its offer to allow companies to create more creative customer journeys, with more proactive, or even predictive, engagement, offering interactions on the preferred channel, at the right moment and with the right message. The objective being to create or reinforce this strong bond between the brand and the customer.

Relying on historic advantages and know-how

“As of now, the customer uses a large range of channels, and he has diverse motivations and shifting behaviors. The company’s view of the customer is all the more fragmented. For customer service teams, the challenge is reconciling information for monitoring journeys,” states Karine Palacios. Better orchestrated thanks to AI, CRM data is at the heart of this challenge. “It’s the bedrock of excellence. Companies need customer knowledge to make strategic decisions and to help contact center agents enhance their conversations with customers.” Vocalcom has been handling the native integration with Salesforce perfectly for 15 years. This is a strategic advantage that Karine Palacios expects to increase further in her innovation roadmap by integrating the Hermès solution with other CRM leaders. The idea is to enrich the service modules, marketing, and sales of CRM, with the help of the Hermès omnichannel and predictive routing dialer. “It’s a perfect integration of data at the service of a more proactive customer strategy; there are customers who are more satisfied because we ‘anticipate their needs,’ but there are also agents who are calmer because they are better equipped to satisfy customers.” Agents seek flexibility, autonomy, but also assistance in fulfilling their goals. This flexibility is provided specifically by the cloud. Moreover, between now and the end of the first semester, a new version of cloud solutions will position Vocalcom as the preferred brand partner for their predictive customer engagement strategies, driven by their CRM.

The strength of a complete ecosystem

Vocalcom has always relied on high value-added partnerships, with integrators to foster the adoption of on the spot solutions and to cultivate innovation. “We offer Vocalcom customers the best of innovation by relying on a selective ecosystem of leading partners who complement our offers,” outlines Karine Palacios. In this manner, Vocalcom has signed a strategic partnership with Infobip. “The integration of Infobip with the Hermès platform will allow our customers to evolve their proactive engagement strategy toward a more profitable and non-intrusive model, based on the user’s acceptance of contact across digital channels, in addition to vocal calls.”

“We think of Vocalcom as an open and agile CCAAS platform, to allow our customers to choose the applications that are best adapted to their strategy and to maintain their competitiveness when faced with the lightning speed of technological innovation in the CX market,”

Karine Palacios


To open up in order to better innovate…an ambitious path but as of now completely outlined for 2022!

BV. Vocalcom – A Leader’s Return to the Outposts of Innovation

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