Vocalcom Secures Atento’s Stellar Customer Relationship Status

Call center managers everywhere have been on the lookout for better solutions to improve customer calls to support maximum talk time as well as to better keep track of calls. It’s no secret that this has been a long-time frustration, and the key to unlocking this mystery is oftentimes the biggest challenge.Vocalcom is well-known for technology that surpasses standard expectations. There’s nothing innovative about being “standard,” and so neither is our hosted predictive dialer service. The solution helps call centers increase their sales and marketing performance to accelerate and improve the customer to agent call experience. Atento, a multinational customer relationship management (CRM) company, is one of many who can confidently testify to the power of our hosted predictive dialer technology.A company of 160,000 employees with 70,000 call center positions in 17 countries, Atento is ranked as having one of the top customer relationship management strategies worldwide. The company has been based in France for six years and has grown to become number one in the Hispanic market, with 25 percent of its market shares in South America. Laurent Baychelier, director of Atento, recently discussed Atento’s relationship with Vocalcom in a customer success story video.“One of the first benefits is productivity. With [Vocalcom’s] predictive dialing, [our] productivity is 20 percent higher compared with other solutions and it is really simple to use,” said Baychelier. “Eighty percent of changes are made directly by call center agents. It gives more flexibility to manage phone calls.”Aside from flexibility, the hosted predictive dialer technology was able to manage the company’s media – particularly, its chat service. The company hopes to focus on adapting to the needs of its new generation of customers by providing a chat application in the future. “We need to be prepared to be sure our customer service will adapt itself to the future,” Baychelier stressed.Similar to Atento, Vocalcom’s technology service can bring your call center speed, savings and flexibility. To explore more about our hosted predictive dialer technology, click here.

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