Vocalcom Supports Cosevad’s Quickly Growing Call Center

For Cosevad, a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Generali Group involved with selling health, life, disability and funeral insurance products, happier agents plus happier customers equals greater economic success. And with a short-term goal of more than tripling its employee base, the company was in search of a solution to drive efficiencies in its quickly expanding contact center.The company enlisted the help of Vocalcom, a provider of disruptive and transformative cloud call center solutions and digital customer service, whose Hermes Cloud solution works to manage outbound and inbound calls, monitor customer calls and skyrocket call volume. For Cosevad, Hermes Cloud helped manage its increasing number of customers by allowing agents to add and delete users with just a few clicks of a button.General Director of Cosevad Sophie Briolat explained that by enabling agents to make more contacts each day, Hermes Cloud allowed the company to increase its sales staff’s overall productivity – not to mention increase their variable compensation.Vocalcom’s tool has given Cosevad high hopes for progress in the future. Briolat added that the company is hoping to develop a click-to-call feature for its website as well as an interactive chat room for employees and users.The contact center quickly deemed Vocalcom’s tool integral to maintaining its business, as evident when Briolat said that Hermes Cloud was “a tool that is well suited to this kind of business.” Cosevad’s success story gives only a glimpse into the dynamic call center solutions that Vocalcom provides.Here at Vocalcom, we understand the challenges and frustrations both users and agents experience when it comes to running a dynamic and engaging digital call center, and this is exactly why we offer today’s most trusted platform to improve user interaction across multiple channels.

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