Vocalcom Talks Top Differentiators and Carving its Own Path

We all have our niche; it’s what we take pride in, what influences us and what ultimately drives us forward. For more than 15 years, Vocalcom has entrenched itself in the business of providing transformative call center solutions that reflect today’s digital, hyper-connected realm. Whether you’re looking for robust telemarketing software, top predictive dialer technology or yearning to establish a top-of-line social contact center, Vocalcom’s got you covered. Recently, our very own George Seroukas, EVP North America, took some time to reflect on Vocalcom’s key differentiators, core competencies and where he sees the company in the near future.

A large part of Vocalcom’s drive is found in its cohesive team – a unit of 250 employees who work to maintain a dynamic atmosphere that fosters success. In fact, Vocalcom’s very own Founder and CEO Anthony Dinis is in the heart of all operations – from marketing to product development to support. Most employees have been with the company for 10 years or more, Seroukas notes, adding that “the team at Vocalcom is like a family, you don’t ever want to leave.”

And Vocalcom’s customers don’t ever want to leave, either. We ensure this hospitality extends to our thousands of customers and is clearly received. “Our applications are based on our customers’ needs, not what we think will drive sales and market share. We talk to our clients. We understand their needs, and that’s the way we try to position our product,” Seroukas says. In fact, if you visit our website, we have an entire page dedicated to our customers and why we love them – and why they love us.

We believe that our customer support certainly sets us apart, but we can’t forget the technology. Every solution has been developed by Vocalcom exclusively, where customers can buy, rent or take their solutions to the cloud. There are a few things that set our technology apart:

AWS: Vocalcom’s entire infrastructure is located in Amazon Web Services (AWS) – the world’s largest and most sophisticated cloud infrastructure – which equips us with the reliability, compliance and redundancy necessary to cover the entire globe.

Salesforce: Vocalcom has teamed with Salesforce, the world’s largest CRM partner, of which our applications are embedded. Unlike our competitors, who interface with Salesforce, we’ve taken our entire core product and integrated it within the Salesforce environment, allowing for easy accessibility, user-friendliness and increased efficiency.  

Avaya: Our applications are natively integrated within AVAYA, today’s leader in telephony, and with DevConnect certification, customers can have their solutions up and running within weeks as opposed to months.

Vocalcom is well-positioned for the future of what’s to come in this revolutionizing space. As Seroukas explains, “I see huge growth in our revenue and valuation.”

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