Vocalcom’s Call Center Software a Business Essential for One Real Estate Company

At first glance, the phrase “predictive dialer” seems a bit incorrect – how could a telephone possibly predict what a human being wants? Yet as MeilleurAgents.com can attest, predictive dialer technology is an effective way for call center personnel to better cater to their customers’ needs and, ultimately, lock in a steadier flow of sales.MeilleursAgents.com, a French real estate website that provides online assessments and opportunities to sell property with partner sites, turned to Vocalcom’s cloud-based call center software – including its predictive dialer, which is powered by Hermes Cloud – to enhance its call center capabilities. Seeing how the website receives numerous calls across various distances, it required a solution that could easily handle a high volume of calls as well as those that are long distance.By integrating Vocalcom’s Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software into its own system, MeilleursAgents.com found that it was able to return calls within only 20 minutes of a customer request for a callback.The customers certainly weren’t the only ones immediately realizing the benefits of this solution – agents reaped the rewards as well. In fact, research shows that agent productivity increases up to 400 percent when the necessity of manual dialing is streamlined. Even more, the predictive dialer system maintains “do not call” lists, sales records, leads, and the like for agent reference.“We are dealing with [real estate] from long distance, so ensuring quality is an absolute necessity,” said Jordan Sanial, director of operations at MeilleurAgents.com.In this case, a call center solution equipped with powerful predictive dialing technology was just the right response to meet the company’s needs. For more information about how Vocalcom can meet the needs of your call center, click here.

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