Voice of the Customer: The Key to Brand Success

As customer service trends continue to shift toward personalized and emotionally connected experiences, it is more important than ever to understand how customers feel. While most companies collect feedback in some form, many are going a step further by implementing Voice of the Customer, or VOC, processes. In simple terms, VOC refers to a process or system for gathering customer feedback across channels and using the data to improve products and services. And just how effective are they?  According to Aberdeen Group, companies that employ a VOC strategy generate a ten times greater year-over-year increase in annual revenue. Here are five ways to use Voice of the Customer data to drive brand success.

Gather feedback face-to-face

One way to gather in-depth feedback is by actually meeting your customers. Conduct interviews with them to better understand why they support your brand, and learn how you could improve. Truly satisfied customers may be willing to film their interviews so that they can be posted on your website and social media channels as testimonials. In addition, focus groups are excellent for testing new products and services. Ask customers specific questions, and take note of all suggestions.

Use analytical tools and review transcripts

Many tools may be used to gather both quantitative and qualitative feedback. The Net Promoter Score survey provides insights about customers’ overall experiences, helping your organization understand how effectively it is functioning as a whole. Surveys are ideal for collecting structured feedback at any point of the sales cycle. You can ask quick questions as customers are browsing webpages or follow up a sale with a detailed survey. Social listening tools literally reveal the voice of the customer by communicating every thought expressed on social channels, blogs, discussion forums, and review websites. Lastly, transcripts from customer service interactions across all channels provide information about your agents’ ability to provide excellent service.

Appoint a dedicated team for your Voice of the Customer program

Your company should appoint a team that is dedicated to monitoring and acting upon feedback continuously. A team leader should set customer service goals that align closely with your brand’s sales goals. For example, if your company aims to earn more revenue through the website, the team may determine how to improve service through live chat and closely monitor that particular channel. All feedback should then be reported regularly to the company’s executive branch.

Improve communications with customers

Understanding how your customers feel and speak can help your company communicate more meaningfully. The customer’s voice can inform your brand’s voice, guiding you to use language that appeals to your target customers. Use this approach to improve agent communications with customers, all copy on the website and other digital channels, and all marketing materials.

Adapt products and services to customers’ needs

By asking good questions when collecting feedback and analyzing responses thoroughly, your company can develop the products and services your customers want. You may discover that a certain product needs improvement, that a certain channel needs more support, or even that a competitor offers a service or product feature that your company is lacking. Listening to your customers ensures that your brand is always growing and challenging itself to offer the very best to your clientele.According to a report by Right Now Technologies, 86% of adults would pay more for a better customer experience. With a dedicated process for collecting and analyzing VOC data, your company can offer the excellent experiences customers are asking for. 

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