‘Watching’ Out for New Social Service Tactics

There are still some people who are skeptical about the effectiveness of the power of social networking for businesses. A recent Facebook campaign by Swiss watchmaker Breguet, though, not only did great work towards promoting the company’s unique partnership with the Great Mountains International Music Festival, but it provided an excellent point about the kind of stellar service and strategies that are made available with advanced, social call center software.

Breguet’s partnership with the Great Mountains International Music Festival and School of South Korea worked through a great amount of publicity using the brand’s Facebook page, which featured, among other items, a photo gallery with images of Great Mountains International Music Festival musicians.

Breguet’s outreach showed its support of the artistic community and paid homage to Breguet fans that were also famous composers and musicians. Bringing the virtual world to the real world, the brand hosted a cocktail reception in support of the festival, featuring performances by guitarist Daekun Jang and violinists Clara-Jumi Kang and Roberto Diaz.

Luxury marketers in 2013 have been doing a great job of intertwining traditional marketing tactics with emerging ones, and have been tapping into new demographics as a key result. Social media is also the great equalizer; companies are not allowed to buy Facebook ‘Like’s or Twitter followers. If your brand is increasing in popularity, it’s because you’re putting in the work to make your pages worthwhile to visit.

Breguet’s leveraging of Facebook is a great reminder of the ways in which every company can utilize social media and, for contact center leaders, software that emphasizes social media integration.

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