Web, Mobile, Social: Multi-Channel Communication and Telemarketing

A new article from Bloomberg Businessweek outlines how companies, such as Facebook, are planning to expand Internet access on a global scale. This, of course, means that providing tech- and Internet-friendly customer service options will be more important than ever. Because of this, social, mobile and Web tools have become increasingly vital parts of today’s advanced suite of call center solutions – including telemarketing software and services.

So, how are companies able to do this?

Web: Providing customer service through the Internet involves more than just having a website. That website also has to be customer-friendly by incorporating a multitude of innovative ways for consumers to get the answers they’re looking for. This can include features such as live chat and video chat to help better target customers.

Mobile: Producing mobile-friendly services is also extremely important, since the majority of people now use their smartphones to do more than just make phone calls. Smartphone usage is not only on the rise, but is being increasingly utilized to provide information in more than one way. Needless to say, it is imperative that you implement mobile support into your telemarketing strategy.

Social: Of course, the importance of using social media as part of telemarketing software can’t be underestimated, either. Customers are using social media as way to not just communicate with friends and family, but also with brands. Making the most of this opportunity can make a difference in whether or not a customer decides to give their loyalty to the competition.

Telemarketing software involves more than just a phone line. In order to not just compete in the current market, but also provide services that customers will deem valuable in the future, it’s important to incorporate multi-channel methods of communication.

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