What Are the Benefits of a Predictive Dialer?

In today’s omnichannel world, brands have many creative options for driving sales acceleration that were not always available in the past. Social media platforms, for example, have become ideal channels for customer engagement, effective for both service and targeted marketing campaigns. SMS may likewise be used for customer outreach, while live chat is effective for enticing a potential customer in the middle of research. But how about the voice channel, which was once considered the prime communication channel for pursuing leads? Still an extremely popular channel among customers, brands are nonetheless challenged to fine-tune their approach for stronger lead management. The question is not if voice should be used, but rather how to use the channel for maximum results. With a predictive dialing solution, brands may achieve stellar results.A predictive dialer is an automated service which, through a complex set of algorithms, dials phone numbers at optimized times while automatically filtering out answering and fax machines, busy signals, and disconnected calls. Therefore, one of the greatest predictive dialer benefits is optimal lead management with a highly increased chance of placing a live call to a willing customer. Predictive dialers with CRM integration organize lead data, sales data, and customer history and contact information while making this data clearly accessible to agents. The solution also determines prime call times automatically to enable direct access to the right customers at the right times. When calls are placed, the solution typically uses local phone numbers to increase the chance of potential customers answering the call (rather than appearing as an unknown phone number). By contacting the customers with the greatest buying potential at the most ideal times, predictive dialers enable stronger lead management, critical real-time metrics and KPIs, and ultimately sales acceleration.Among the other predictive dialer benefits are increased agent productivity and reduced operational costs for contact centers. Agents save time by no longer needing to dial customers, and idle time is reduced significantly as the dialer determines the best times to call. Predictive dialers further predict when a current call will be finished while already dialing the next number. Operational costs are also reduced, as agents place fewer costly outbound calls and fewer agents are needed to service the voice channel overall. In addition, predictive dialers with CRM integration do not require additional expensive telecom hardware or integration, cutting further costs to the company.As any brand knows, sales acceleration requires careful strategy rather than a blind or random approach. With a predictive dialing solution, brands may optimize the sales process on the voice channel by contacting potential leads with greater precision and efficiency, reducing operational costs, driving agent efficiency, and ultimately increasing sales and customer satisfaction by engaging the most eager customers. Learn about Vocalcom predictive dialer software solutions for optimal sales acceleration.

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