What Call Center Managers Can Learn from QSR Customer Spending

Everyone likes good service, but for quick-serve restaurants (QSRs), quality service is core to their business model.

According to the Empathica Quick Serve Restaurant Benchmark Survey, highly satisfied customers not only return to QSRs often, but they are four times more likely to recommend their favorite restaurant to family, friends or colleagues. Needless to say, it’s critical that QSRs do everything they can to achieve the highest level of service possible.

With more than 100,000 QSRs across the U.S., the industry is a highly competitive commodity. Satisfaction is the key to customer loyalty in the fast-food industry. For many QSRs, this means focusing on improvements outside of the physical, in-restaurant experience – a.k.a. the call center.

Where QSRs often fall short on service is putting all their eggs in one basket – the physical location. But today’s fast-moving, multi-channel customers demand a seamless experience across all communication mediums. An all-in-one call center software solution can help provide customers with the type of engaging experiences they want and need.

With a holistic call center software solution, customers who start a conversation in one channel and complete it in another never have to start the conversation over again. Data capture from Web, email, social, text, online chat and more is streamed into a single customer record, making it easy for service reps to provide customers with the same high-quality level of service they have come to expect from their favorite QSR.

The survey further uncovered service gaps at physical locations, including staff attitude and atmosphere. With a seamless, integrated call center software solution, QSRs won’t have to worry about service gaps in the contact center. Not before long, service with a smile will be just one of the many quality amenities you offer.

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