What Can We Expect From Cloud Computing and the Internet of Things?

Do you ever wonder how the Internet will shape our future? It’s a pretty interesting question, especially considering how much the Internet has grown within the last 10 years. With our world so consumed by the Web – from WebRTC to Web-based contact centers and more – it’s no wonder everything is becoming completely technology-centric (unless you live under a rock, you’ve noticed how almost everything revolves around the Internet). This phenomenon is called the Internet of Things (IoT).Think about it. Before the advent of cell phones, the thought of not being able to live without your mobile device never crossed your mind. There were most likely times before the widespread adoption of cell phones where you were stuck in bumper-to-bumper traffic wishing you could have avoided traffic. We bet you didn’t think they’d come out with apps that could have predicted that traffic for you.That’s the thing about our world today; newer technologies are being brought to life thanks to the Internet of Things. Without cloud computing, IoT wouldn’t be possible. In fact, cloud computing is like the glue that holds IoT together via machines with sensors hooked to the Web that deliver a stream of constant data. The future of IoT and cloud computing could make things so easy for us –to the point where we can rely on the Web for even more than we currently do. For this to actually happen though, devices and objects in IoT need to learn to speak a common language.The cloud is programmed to process the speed and volume of data being received from any device; however, for this technology to be successful, it needs to fully understand Internet-connected devices on every level. This is what will ultimately drive the future of IoT. For example, retailers looking to send special offers directly to their customers’ smartphones can only do so thanks to cloud computing, which handles delivering the data in real-time.Vocalcom certainly has a hand in nurturing the growth of Web-based solutions with such things as advanced, Web-based contact center solutions. Needless to say, the possibilities of futuristic technologies are endless.

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