What Customer Service Improvement Projects Are You Prepared to Undertake?

Research is now showing that call center managers and decision makers are being more selective than ever when it comes to what customer service improvement projects they’re willing to undertake. This is pretty understandable; so far in 2013, there have been a multitude of top trends and opportunities made available that can help companies craft a solid roadmap for success, as well as execute it perfectly. However, with a hopeful – albeit slowly – recovering economy, it takes careful consideration, time and effort to do so.

We would have to agree with Forrester Research in saying that the two “keys to success” for any business – including the contact center – are pragmatic preparation and effective execution. Here are some quick tips from the top industry analyst on what you need to do to be successful:

Perform a thorough audit: Never forget the importance of auditing your customer service ecosystem. Perform a thorough audit of not only the technologies but the processes you support across every single communication channel (i.e. social media, Web, e-mail). “Understand the maturity of the technologies you have,” Forrester advises.

Understand your customer base: Make a strong effort to reach out to your customer base in fun and unique ways. Nothing’s worse than receiving an e-mail addressed to “Valued Customer” or being asked by an agent in a monotonous tone to “please stay on the line for a short survey.” Offer fun, incentivized ways of getting to know your customers, and then use this data to formulate plans to evolve and strengthen your offerings.

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