What Do You Do When Your Client Base Explodes?

If your only problem is figuring out how to support your exploding client base, then you don’t necessarily have any problems at all. It’s certainly a blessing to be able to say that you’re having trouble keeping up with your expanding number of customers – especially given today’s still stabilizing economy. But that doesn’t mean that it’s not a concern which needs immediate addressing. If you don’t find a way to sustain your quickly growing client base, then you’ll unquestionably flounder. It is in this way that success is a rather sharp double-edged sword.

One company – Gexel Telecom – knows this feeling all too well. Gexel, a customer care company who specializes in supplying interactive customer relationship management (CRM) solutions to North American enterprises, saw its client base skyrocket in only a matter of months. With its in-house application developed only to meet the simplest and most basic needs, the company met a fork in the road, ultimately leading to its decision to keep its focus on call center services as opposed to further developing its call center applications. The company required interactive voice response (IVR) technology with outbound blending, as well as a more robust and reliable call recording solution.

And this is where Vocalcom came into the picture. After studying a wide range of other products from prime competitors in the space, Gexel ultimately selected Vocalcom as its preferred vendor. What eventually sealed the deal for the company was Vocalcom’s reliability and the fact that our feature-rich system served as the ultimate one-stop shop for its entire call center infrastructure. Even better, we provided installation, training and on-site assistance, with professional services including consulting to integrate with the company’s legacy system databases. With our system, everything was taken care of for this quickly rising market player.

Gexel is just one of thousands of satisfied Vocalcom customers. Click here to learn more about how we can help accelerate your business objectives.

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