What Does Your Contact Center Have Without Flexibility?

Despite today’s slowly recovering economy, some companies are experiencing exponential growth. Just take OneTouch Direct (OTD), a company that specializes in expert direct marketing program development and call center solutions in both the consumer and B2B segments.

A company with humble beginnings, OneTouch Direct started out with just one small call center located in Tampa, Florida – where the company is also headquartered – which only consisted of about 50 seats. After experiencing significant growth and having purchased an additional facility based in Canada, OTD quickly evolved into a $40 million organization with 750 seats and over 1,000 agents.

Specifically focusing on increasing revenue and retention, while reducing costs for their clients, the company understood the value of its brand and the vitality of delivering positive, quality customer interactions to preserve a consistent customer experience. Running on silo predictive dialers using legacy hardware, OTD knew that it had to step up its game with an expansive system. More specifically, the company needed blended dialers and a system that was built to excel with outbound and inbound interactions. Even more importantly, the company was experiencing downtime and was dealing with constant issues that needed immediate fixing.

Bottom line: Attaining the next level of business performance to support its tremendous growth meant that OneTouch Direct needed an enterprise solution that boasted the flexibility it was searching for. Key business benefits of our system for OTD include: flexibility; scripting capabilities; a unique, Web-based tool; less maintenance at the work station of agents that work from home; Avaya integration; and gained efficiencies through blending.

“Flexibility and extensibility in scripting and data was paramount to our final decision,” says Joseph Moloughney, EVP Information Technologies, OneTouch Direct, LLC.

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