What Drives Your Contact Center Engagement?

Wouldn’t it be nice if your business could reach out to customers anywhere, anytime and on any device? Due to growing social media and cutting edge technology, this is now very much possible. The Drive is just one of many call center solutions powered by Vocalcom that drives (no pun intended) our promise of delivering exceptional customer service. In a world where we become more and more connected to each other every day, The Drive connects users with innovative retail touch points to your contact center.Here at Vocalcom, we’re known for making customer and call center interaction both efficient and convenient. With this offering, you will not be disappointed by what you can achieve and the boundaries that you can break regarding customer engagement strategies. With The Drive:

  • Avoid customer frustrations by providing great customer service through simple mobile video calling
  • Allow any questions to be answered quickly and easily – whether it’s your salesperson or customer
  • Allow your call center to present a real-time digital demonstration of any product a customer is interested in

Think about all of the customers who grow frustrated after an unsatisfying conversation with a call center – or maybe don’t. Rather, think about how you can improve this common scenario.Most customers end their conversation without being identified, knowing that they probably will not be contacted again. Vocalcom’s call center solution puts a stop to this customer dissatisfaction once and for all because our solution can identify users simply, naturally and easily by leveraging where they are and what they use – like social media.For instance, by using a network such as Facebook, businesses can reach customers whether they are in your store or on your website. This product will allow you to get the most out of social business. With a slogan that reads “Drive your contact center to the digital world,” you will not be disappointed by what this leading call center solution brings to the table.Click here to see for yourself why our cloud-based contact center solutions are the world’s No.1 trusted software.

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