What is a Predictive Dialer?

When it comes to the call center, the predictive dialer has proven that it’s worth its weight in gold…but what exactly is it and how does it work?

The Importance of Predictive Dialers

Picture for a moment a maze. Upon entering, you find yourself lost thanks to its abundance of paths and obstacles precluding you from reaching your final destination. Of course, your overall goal is to get to the other side without encountering too many of these dead ends or difficulties.A call center is not much different than your typical maze. Many times, agents find themselves hitting dead ends in the form of disgruntled customer voicemails, hang-ups and more, which wastes time and effort they could be spending on making sales with live customers. Predictive dialer technology removes the guessing from call routing, as the technology immediately and naturally finds customers who are available to pick up the phone.When implemented, this solution is a large driver for call center optimization. Best of all, with this technology, agents distribute their attention equally to every call being placed. When a customer answers, the agent is immediately transferred to them, where they remain from “hello” to hang-up. There are no stale, automated or computerized messages involved.Chief benefits of a predictive dialer system include:

  • Increased agent retention
  • Increased time savings and management
  • Better control on leads
  • Boost in agent morale
  • Increased return on investment

Industries that rely on this kind of technology include enterprises that experience high levels of continuous outbound calls; telemarketers; market research, polling and survey organizations; and customer service call centers, among others.

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