What is Cloud Computing?

To the everyday person, the notions of working efficiently and being up in the clouds are usually considered contradictory; however, this is no longer the case with the performance benefits of cloud computing.Staying current with the most innovative and transformative services, Vocalcom has partnered with Salesforce, a trusted leader in cloud computing and customer relationship management. Enhanced with the leading-edge advantages of cloud-based solutions, our virtual call center software is natively integrated within the Salesforce CRM environment, promising reliability and productivity at an affordable cost.So, what exactly does cloud computing offer?Business operations require applications. Traditionally, these apps are complex and expensive, involving a recipe of software, data centers, expert teams, facilities and more. Not only is tech support notoriously unhelpful in the event of a problem, but as new versions are released, updates are ignored at the risk of dismantling the whole system. Ineffective. Costly. Outdated. Three words you certainly don’t want to hear.Cloud computing eliminates those tiresome obstacles without compromising on robust service. In this model, apps run on a shared data center. This means that, just like a utility, your company plugs in and gets started! Simple. Affordable. Reliable. That sounds much better.Functioning as a multi-tenant system, cloud computing allows multiple businesses to share a common app that is flexible enough to meet their unique needs (Picture an office building in which businesses use the same security system but customize their individual floors for operations).Apps in the cloud are upgraded automatically. They are also elastic, meaning they can accommodate up to tens of thousands of users. Forget a technical team or storage space, cloud computing is more scalable and secure than the vast majority of apps on the market. And to top it all off, the cost is neatly packaged in a predictable monthly subscription.With your resources secure and centralized, your business can focus its energy on achieving its core goals, improving productivity and performance across the board.To learn more about Vocalcom’s native virtual call center within Salesforce, click here.

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