What is Customer Relationship Management?

From BPO and IP to CEM and SIP, call center jargon often seems like a dizzying maze of mysterious acronyms. Today, we’re focusing on one of them: CRM, or Customer Relationship Management.

First, let’s clarify exactly what is meant by customer relationship management. Our own CRM partner, Salesforce, excellently defines the term in a recent blog post, comparing it to a “vital nerve center” that allows businesses to “store customer and prospect contact information, accounts, leads and sales opportunities in one central location.”

 Business is a game of relationships. A CRM system will ensure that you efficiently manage your corporate relations through one single interface for optimal performance. It provides a model for interaction by organizing complex networks of essential connections and account data in a synchronized and uniform manner. Stored in the cloud, this means that this information is easily accessible to and shared between agents for ultimate collaboration and productivity.

So, how will this benefit your business?

CRM is designed to enhance business performance by simplifying the process of interaction. With the click of a button, an agent can access a client’s history and better understand their behavior, ultimately helping them individually tailor campaigns to clients’ interests. Agents will also be better informed and capitalize on conversations with customers – not to mention a pleasant customer experience will also improve customer loyalty, leading to increased sales and profits. CRM even makes it easier for agents to effectively manage information by streamlining collaboration efforts in a centralized location.

It’s time to say goodbye to Google Docs and Excel spreadsheets and discover the benefits of a powerful CRM platform.

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