What is PCI DSS and What Does it Mean for My Company?

Does your call center specifically manage credit cards? If so, then chances are you’re more than familiar with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS). However, if you’re new to this space and this industry standard, it could never hurt to get a quick refresher course on what it is and how it impacts your business.

The PCI DSS is the global data security standard adopted by the payment card brands for any organization that processes, stores or transmits cardholder data. Not only has the PCI DSS become a global industry standard for ensuring the safety of cardholder data, but it has evolved over time as more modern, sophisticated technologies have becomes available. Today, there is even more pressure from payment providers to ensure that organizations involved in customers’ finances are adhering to it.

Now, why do you need to comply with the standards? For a number of reasons, including:

  • To ensure the overall security of your systems (meaning your customers can trust you, and therefore, will be more likely to buy from you with confidence).
  • To enhance your reputability with payment providers, and in doing so, allow them to do business with you much more easily.
  • To future-proof your contact center from criminals or fraudulent activity, especially as this illegal behavior advances.

Now imagine enduring the opposite effect; potentially damaged credibility, negative impact on share price after an incident and even insurance claims and large fines.

One of the top call center applications offered within our transformative digital cloud software is PCI DSS compliance. To learn more click here. To find full details about PCI DSS, visit www.pcisecuritystandards.org.

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