What is Predictive Technology?

When it comes to call center technology today, there are more options than ever of which business execs and decision makers can choose. One form of telemarketing software that has been noted and praised for its effectiveness is predictive dialer technology. However, some businesses are still unsure as to what exactly this technology is, its benefits and what it does.

How it Works

A predictive dialer uses a computer system to automatically dial a phone number. When a call is connected, it’s automatically passed on to a live agent.

What it Does

This technology system is different from an auto dialer because it’s actually able to monitor calls and see how they are answered. Because of this, the predictive software is able to assess if an answering machine picks up, if the number is directed to a fax machine or if a client answers the phone.

The Benefits

The perks of this technology seem practically endless; however, businesses will probably notice three main advantages pretty quickly.

1)      Increase in profits: In some cases, predictive dialers have improved sales by as much as 50 percent.

2)      Improved agent efficiency: Predictive technology helps overall call center operations become more effective by enabling agents to use their time more efficiently, making sales instead of merely trying to keep up with calls.

3)      Overall satisfaction: Morality will also undergo general improvement. Managers will see increased productivity, agents won’t be as discouraged from the cold-calling process and customers will be able to interact with agents when they desire.

Predictive technology has shown to be a wise and lucrative investment that offers a variety of benefits to all parties involved in the call center. Click here to learn more.

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