What is Salesforce CRM?

When Jane sits down at her desk she takes a deep breath before confronting the dizzying array of e-mails, PowerPoint presentations, calendar appointments, PDF files and Word documents awaiting her. Sifting through the headache-inducing, haphazard organization of constituent records, to-do lists and schedules she’s created, Jane spends most of the morning prepping for her day.

However, equipped with the Salesforce customer relationship management (CRM) service, her morning could be much more productive.

Salesforce CRM streamlines work efforts into a centralized source, allowing users to track and navigate information and records with ease. Accessible from any Web browser or mobile device, the cloud computing solution helps the user manage resources both efficiently and productively.

For example, with this solution, Jane jumpstarts her day by reviewing the platform’s homepage ,where she can navigate through a series of tabs and dashboards customized to her unique programs. In seconds Jane can check her task schedule for the day, read up on customer profiles, see company records and review project progress. She can even set a status update and sync her calendar to Outlook and Google Calendar services. With Chatter feed, Jane can also collaborate and share files with colleagues while staying updated on the latest automatic posts about company developments.

This offering ultimately provides users like Jane with everything at their fingertips so that they can effectively fulfill their responsibilities and perform at the highest level.

Additionally, the Salesforce.com Foundation, a philanthropic branch that aims to leverage its resources to improve communities worldwide, offers any non-profit or higher-ed institution deep discounts on its products, with the first 10 Enterprise Edition licenses available free of charge.

In line with our commitment to foster industry relationships of the highest caliber, Vocalcom has partnered with Salesforce to enhance our call center solutions. With products native to the force.com platform, our solutions will ensure improved productivity, efficiency and interoperability.

To learn more about Vocalcom’s partnership with the world’s strongest CRM solutions provider, click here.

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