Part 1 – What Makes a Call Center Application Addictive?

Mobile applications are crucial for businesses today. It is no longer a question of if your customers will invest in apps for business. That’s because in their free time, your customers are already logging into apps to play games, listen to music and more. The next logical step is to apply this to business, especially considering the prevalence of such business trends as bring your own device (BYOD).

As we mentioned in a previous article [hyperlink], the average smartphone user runs about 41 apps. So why not make one of those apps your company’s app? If you’re not, your mobile-savvy competitors are doing so as we speak in an attempt to swiftly steal your customers away from you.

Recently, Salesforce (a partner of ours of which Vocalcom’s call center applications are natively integrated with), released an eBook detailing six need-to-know elements of creating an addictive mobile application.

The first element to creating a must-have business app is collaboration.

Your consumers are looking for apps that boast unprecedented collaboration. They want their business app to support and enable collaboration that is insightful, meaningful and overall conducive to their busy and rapidly changing work life. They want an app that defines “social business,” meaning it can combine business operations (i.e. finance, sales, and marketing) with Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. Even more, it should be consistent among every type of user, including employees, partners, vendors, prospects and customers.

For example, consider a social productivity app that not only enables employees to organize tasks, projects and notes both quickly and easily, but leverages real-time communication to keep them constantly in touch. Does your app provide this type of collaboration?

To check out Salesforce’s eBook in full, click here. Otherwise, wait for part two, where we’ll discuss the second foundation necessary to build the perfect business app.

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