Part 2 – What Makes a Call Center Application Addictive?

Your customers are spending more money than you think on quick, powerful and easy-to-use business apps. The space of these apps represents a goldmine of opportunity for you to build your brand and lock in customer loyalty. In part one of this series, we opened the floodgates of how to build the perfect mobile application by making it collaborative. Now, let’s discuss the topic of interoperability.

One of the primary advantages of enjoying mobile apps is how easy they are to use – or at least, how easy they should be to use. In only seconds, you can check your various social media accounts, beat a new level of Angry Birds and still have time to make a mobile payment with just the swipe of a finger. By providing your customers with an app, you’re allowing them to take this accessibility and simplicity and apply it to their work environment.

You’re ultimately showing your customers how easy it is to work with you as opposed to a competitor who has not yet hopped aboard the mobile app train; however, you need to ensure your app comes equipped with the following things to make it best-of-breed.

Your app should:

  • Boast fast app-to-app and system-to-system functionality, which enables you to be connectable to other relevant apps and systems.
  • Represent the perfect balance of simplicity and advancement with built-in customization and standards-based APIs.
  • Guarantee appropriate levels of security, accountability and traceability while at the same time remaining as transparent for the user as possible.

To achieve the first objective of ubiquitous collaboration, you need your app to promise seamless functionality and interoperability. In part three, we’ll be discussing another critical element of building a mobile app – network effects – so stay tuned!

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