Part 3 – What Makes a Call Center Application Addictive?

Here’s a question to consider: Does your enterprise mobile app grow more powerful as more people use it?

This is one question asked in a Salesforce eBook we’ve been covering that describes six key elements of creating a killer business mobile app. In parts one and two of this series, we discussed the role that collaboration and interoperability play in making a business application simply addictive to customers. Today, let’s discuss yet another vital ingredient needed to complete this recipe: network effects.

In short, this means stretching the limitations of your mobile app’s network to include more users, and as a result, create a more dynamic and diverse working experience.

Let’s say you manage a travel agency and want to expand your reach and strengthen brand awareness. In light of this, you decide it’s time to build a mobile app for your business, but you don’t want the application to be standard. Sure, it should cover the basics like providing general information and special deals to your users, but it should also cross different categories and networks to engage not only your customers, but all internal operations of your business such as sales, customer service, marketing, finance, HR, IT and more.

For example, your travel agency’s mobile app can leverage co-worker recommendations to help customers book the best travel experience. It’s this type of network efficiency that brings value to your customers and leaves your competitors in the dust.

One of the best aspects of a wonderfully crafted enterprise mobile app is that virtually anyone within the organization can tap into and contribute to what your company needs to make it that much better.

Watch for our final part of this series, where we tackle one last element of creating the perfect mobile app! In the meantime, check out Salesforce’s eBook in full by clicking here.

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