Part 4 – What Makes a Call Center Application Addictive?

Social media has undoubtedly turned the business world upside down. Not only has it become a strategic selling tool, a powerful brand builder and an influential marketing platform, but it has also become a way for businesses to get excited about the work they do. Consider that it took 38 years for the radio to reach 50 million users while it took Facebook only 3.5 years and the popular “Draw Something” mobile app only 50 days – yes, that’s one million users per day.

So what gets an app to gain one million new users a day? This is exactly what’s divulged in a Salesforce eBook detailing how to create an addictive mobile app for business.

According to Gartner research via the eBook:

Unlike most traditional enterprise applications, people actually like using social functionality. They want it wherever they are, and at anytime. The huge amount of information captured in the social graph is a rich source of data that can potentially make all applications better.

Consider the following questions:

  • Does your mobile app prompt people to really engage?
  • Is it inviting to essentially any type of user – even to the novice who has no clue what he or she is doing?
  • Does it put the “fun” in “functionality?” (i.e. does it provide instant gratification, rewards, high responsiveness or even gamification?)

The call center manager, for instance, could embrace an intuitive, Facebook-like interface that makes performance reports more fun and meaningful. For the call center agent, this interface could consist of customer reports, call patterns and more. At the end of the day, you should be getting your work done without feeling like you’re doing anything, and your business mobile app should support this kind of work ethic.

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