What Makes Vocalcom’s Hosted Call Center Solution Truly Unique?

When it comes to modern day businesses, there’s a certain amount of monotony involved. With the same type of people, staring into the same smartphones, going through the same routines with the same level of expertise, businesses are homogenizing before our very eyes. Worried about this thought? Don’t be. Vocalcom’s hosted call center technology can help your company stand out amongst the crowd.Our solution is designed to improve performance and enhance efficiency by offering a centralized customer relationship management system for both inbound and outbound calls. As part of today’s set of competitive, leading-edge solutions on the market, our hosted call center services promise to deliver profitable results.In fact, in an informational video, one user cited two main characteristics that render Vocalcom’s technology truly unique. The first is its customizable user interface. With a real-time dashboard that enables agents to manage services remotely, the interface also allows for flexible movement of various operational elements. Design it yourself to ensure that the technology is optimally structured for both agents and supervisors alike to meet your individual business needs.The second is full media integration. The robust solution provides users with the opportunity to cater to customer interaction preferences. Additionally, it seamlessly blends with your existing system to take full advantage of inbound and outbound call, as well as e-mail, fax, chat and video chat communication channels. You’re sure to see an increase in customer satisfaction and productivity.Don’t just be one of many; implement Vocalcom’s hosted call center technology to stand apart from the competition. Our solution can get you on track to be the clear choice among your competitors. Read more about it here.

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