What Moore’s Law Has In Common with the Contact Center

For many contact center managers, the prospect of figuring out how best to utilize contact center agents in dealing with Facebook and Twitter messages and wall posts and direct messages can be a daunting task. It’s easy to fondly recall the days when e-mail was the new big thing that contact centers had to additionally manage. Now, today’s multi-channel call center solutions – while a huge benefit o contact centers – can sometimes complicate things when inappropriately handled. Let’s explore this topic further, shall we?

Social Media is Here to Stay

It may take a minute to let this statistic sink in, but the number of companies handling more than 25 percent of customer service inquiries through social media has doubled since 2012. If the principals of Moore’s Law hold true (the idea that computing power increases exponentially), it’s going to become easier than ever for customers to reach out to your contact center on a video chat through their cell phone, via voice-prompted chat message, or in a number of ways that we have yet to anticipate.

The portal for this increased connectivity is quickly becoming social media. But it’s important to remember that the more customers are reaching out, the more information they are sharing with you. Here are a few things that you should keep track off on your Facebook and Twitter pages:

·         Which posts are most often ‘Liked’?

·         What sort of complaints and concerns do customers reach out about on social media?

·         Who is following you on Twitter?

·         What is the most common compliment that your company receives on Twitter or Facebook?

You will be surprised at how useful this information can become. Your contact center will quickly begin to anticipate upcoming concerns, work out issues along the way to prevent reoccurring customer complaints and start to make social media a great tool for their benefit, rather than another workplace burden.

How quickly will these changes come about? With the right multi-channel approach, it’s easy to see how the 21st century contact center can begin using Moore’s Law to its benefit.

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