What Role Does Gamification Play in the Call Center?

While every job is always going to feel like ‘work’ to a certain extent, gamification is making strides to reduce that feeling as much as possible. Gamification is the process is which normal work processes are turned into competitive activities, transforming goals into awards to build a sense of camaraderie among co-workers. When it comes to call center software, there is great potential for agents and managers to leverage the concept of gamification.

For example, call center managers can use gamification in order to reward agents based on the number of transactions made each week. Agents can be presented with their “scores” in real-time, and as they move up through certain pre-approved metrics, they can be able to earn prizes, such as a $50 gift card. Your company can exponentially increase sales when increasing the fun factor within the walls of your facility using gamification.

In addition to rewarding efficient progress, companies can also work to ensure that agents are avoiding easy mistakes. For example, reward employees who can go an entire month without any errors. While it can often be difficult to go without any errors at all, some versions of such a program could be effective in the call center arena, rewarding employees who most effectively help the highest number of customers.

While the world of gamification is still evolving, it’s important for call center managers and leaders to jump at this opportunity to make the workplace more fun and engaging for agents. After all, happy agents mean happy customers.

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