What Should Your Contact Center Aim to Achieve with Social Media?

Social media is actively becoming the place where businesses gain a great amount of good favor among their current customer base. It’s the place where your company can make a good impression as to gain new customers all from a single great tweet or Facebook post. The problem, though, is that the opposite effect can happen if you manage these social platforms poorly. Not only can it make you seem irrelevant and out-of-touch, but it can also make your customers think that you don’t enough about them to adapt to changes in technology. And why would prospective customers want to jump on board with a company that can’t keep up with current trends?”The first and most important step in creating your plan is to clearly identify your goals,” says Lee Odden, chief executive of TopRank Online Marketing.Let’s take a look at what your contact center’s goals should be with social media and how best to achieve those aims.Make Interactions Simple and Easy for CustomersWhen running Facebook and Twitter accounts, first and foremost make sure that your customers can find you. Do a quick search on either site for your brand; if it’s not the first search result, this can be due to a number of factors. For example, your Twitter or Facebook handle could be overly complicated. Or, perhaps your presence on the social network has been minimal.How many tweets have you sent out? Any significant business should be in the thousands, easily. If you’ve sent 800 tweets, you will be perceived as a social network newbie. If you’re new to Twitter, obviously, that’s no big deal, but if this is your second or third year on the service, you should be sending out numerous tweets every day.By remaining active on both Twitter and Facebook, your customers will not only feel more welcome on the site, but they’ll be more likely to reach out to you as a result. Once they reach out to you, the next step is resolving their issue – and what customer wouldn’t be happy with such a conclusion?As a contact center manager or decision maker, these considerations are undoubtedly your most important. Click here to begin exploring your call center software options today.

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