What the New iPhone 5s Means for the Contact Center

Just a week or so ago, the world was filled with video footage showing people from the U.S. all the way to Japan standing in line overnight outside of an Apple retail store. They were lined up to buy the new Apple iPhone 5s, and nine million of them walked away with one (and that was just the first two days of sales.) Imagine how many new iPhone 5s users there will be in six months. Are you prepared to provide the kind of engaging customer experience these people will be expecting from you?

If you’ve deployed a virtual call center, you have nothing to worry about. Virtual contact center software can multitask as fast as a twenty-something iPhone user can text; can toggle between multiple channels easier than a teenager getting her friend’s opinion on an outfit she wants to buy; and can video chat and respond to Facebook comments in real-time and much more.

But what if all those new iPhone users want to contact you at the same time? Normally you would shutter while just thinking of this spike in volume, but with a virtual call center, you can call up as much of your service and support workforce as demand requires.

With 64-bit architecture, the new iPhone 5s is lightning fast, which will increase customers’ expectations for quick, efficient service.  Using a virtual call center, you can meet any challenge the iOS7 operating system brings your way, such as routing customers calling on an iPhone 5s to your best agents. So if you’ve got a virtual contact center, don’t worry about the geniuses at Apple. New inventions are no problem for you. Tell them to bring it on. 

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