What the New Telephone Consumer Protection Act Means to You

On October 16, the revised Telephone Consumer Protection Act—updated from the original 1991 version—went into effect. The new rules particularly place focus on the use of auto dialers, or equipment that automatically dials telephone numbers. Going forward, companies must have expressed, written consent to conduct outbound telemarketing using auto dialing technology, including those who had provided their contact information in the previous 90 days. In other words, they can no longer be grandfathered in.The penalties are steep for companies that do not comply—up to $1,500 per incident, as well as being vulnerable to civil suits. The largest loss, though, would be the damage that noncompliance could do to the potential or existing customer relationship. Relationships must start and end with a focus on trust, and the newest version of the TCPA will help with that.With the right predictive dialer partner to assist you, adhering to these new requirements should be a breeze. From alerting the dialer when a record is permission-enabled to proactively managing against the Do Not Call list, a trusted, reputable leader in the space will offer you the tools and expertise you need to stay on track.Today, a majority of consumers are carrying cell phones as their only form of communication and, in the months ahead, the process of granting permission to trusted partners should become routine for them. As more and more customers receive permission requests from multiple companies, they will become accustomed to it and, more importantly, will understand the value they get in exchange for providing their personal information. This will result in less resistance going forward and more buy-in from customers and prospects.Now more than ever, it’s important to make your request personal. Use this opportunity to tailor and customize your incentive to the behavior and interests of each cohort in your database. Start with your most valuable, most growable and most at risk target groups.Set daily permission goals and don’t be afraid to ask your predictive dialer partner tough questions. This new ruling is a step in a positive direction; in three to five years when you look back at your customer base, your relationships will have become stronger and more valuable. So get that permission and start dialing today.If you’re looking for a predictive dialer partner, check out the quality solutions offered by Vocalcom.

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