What to Consider when Purchasing a Predictive Dialer

When you’re in the market for a predictive dialer, what’s the first thing you think about? If it’s cost, then you’re working at the wrong end of your strategy. With every other sales, marketing or service decision, you start with your customer in mind, so why not with this one? Think about the goals you want to achieve and work backward from there.Want to increase the number of calls per agent? How about conversions? Want to remap your teams or restructure the rules around how leads are routed to increase effectiveness? These tasks are all quick and easy with a hosted predictive dialer.To understand how a hosted predictive dialer works, let’s look at what the technolgoy can do for you:·         Reach a higher number of live contacts per agent/per day·         Increase sales·         Reduce your cost per contact·         Better target your dialing (ex: based on agent specialty or customer value)·         Build relationships by having inbound calls directed to the original agentToday’s predictive dialer solutions provide blended channel options, offer a variety of power modes and feed data directly into your analytics program. Whether your sales center is virtual or on-premise, a hosted predictive dialer will integrate smoothly with your sales or contact center solution to render you the perfect result every single time. In fact, some companies have seen improvements in sales leads and live contacts of up to 400 percent.Today’s competitive business landscape continues to put the pressure on companies, asking them to do more with less. And, with competition standing on the sidelines just waiting to pounce, every percentage point counts. Whether your business is B2C or B2B, large or small, English-only or in multiple languages, U.S.-based or worldwide, you can significantly increase productivity while maximizing operational efficiency with a hosted predictive dialer.Every day you delay, you could be losing revenue…and valuable customers. Click here and see what Vocalcom’s world-renowned hosted predictive dialer solution can do for you.

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