What Will Multi-channel Customer Service Look Like in 2014?

As a modern call center manager, the future seems to be coming at you faster than ever; it can be difficult to predict which upcoming trends will be widely adopted as the call center solutions of tomorrow. Let’s take a look at a few of the multi-channel options that customers will be continuing to utilize (and utilize in new ways) in 2014.

Mobile Communication

Data plans on cell phones are becoming increasingly expensive, and there’s a reason for that: consumers are using their 3G and 4G service in order to visit websites, download apps and stream content not just at home, but anywhere that offers free Wi-Fi – be it a coffee shop, the mall or while out to eat. As the use of mobile devices continues to grow, call center agents must be available to assist individuals with all of their unique mobile needs. Mobile apps, video conferencing via smartphones and real-time responses on Twitter and Facebook are all part of this new mobile landscape.

Video Conferencing

While some call centers have begun adopting video conferencing solutions in order to help their customers, one of the greatest downsides to this trend has been the slow connections and dropped video chats that go hand-in-hand with such technological advances. Look for 2014 to be the year where video chat becomes a go-to call center solution.E-mail Is Not Dead With so many advances in technological options, e-mail will become the new retro choice for call centers, the way that vinyl records were 10 years ago and physical books are becoming now (who doesn’t love a great e-reader?). Make sure that your call center offers fast responses to e-mails. You don’t want your agents to spend all their time on Facebook and Twitter, only to find that their inboxes are full of e-mails.

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