What’s the State of Customer Service Technology?

Technology affects everything around us, from the way that our food is processed to how we decide the ways in which we’ll spend our free time to new methods of communication. That last issue is especially pertinent to the cloud call center, which is quickly becoming a cornerstone of customer service technology.

Consolidation is King

While cloud technology quite literally allows call centers to store a great amount of data in a small physical space, the vendor landscape for customer service is equally transforming. With fewer customer service vendors available to choose from, industry leaders have begun acquiring smaller vendors, evaluating the worth of these companies based on their ability to add to the consistent multichannel support that larger companies, such as salesforce.com, have become known for providing.

Customer service leaders are trying to provide the simplest technology solutions in their ongoing effort to manage disparate systems and focus on the job of serving customers as efficiently as possible.

The ‘Must Have’s for Contact Centers

A handful of the basic contact center technologies that every company should utilize include:

·         Customer voice mail management programs

·         The ability to log and manage inquires using case management system

·         Technology that allows contact centers to manage and optimize agent workforces

An Integrated Service Experience is Crucial

Every call center agent struggles to assist their customers through the use of tools within her technology ecosystem. The cloud call center has become a crucial element in helping to integrate disparate data and provide customers with real-time guidance, making agents more productive and consistent in their work.

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