When it Comes to Optimizing Your Predictive Dialer, Customization is Key

If companies want to make the most of their employees’ time and energy when it comes to customer service, a predictive dialer can be an extremely useful tool. However, merely having access to or utilizing a predictive dialer doesn’t necessarily guarantee success. It’s important to make sure that this tool isn’t used as a substitute for the customized service experience most consumers are interested in. Vocalcom hangs its hat on providing this customized experience through our award-winning software. So, what are some of the benefits offered?

The software that Vocalcom provides helps improve efficiency by filtering out busy signals, disconnected calls, fax machines and even answering machines. This means that customer service employees aren’t spending time weeding through these details that ultimately take away time from customers. Instead, they’re able to focus their attention on potential clients.

This system also helps improve efficiency even when customer service personnel aren’t on the phone. The technology enables users to leave automatic voice messages and direct inbound calls to the same agents who assisted the client in the first place. At the end of the day, this creates a more streamlined system that helps smooth every interaction from beginning to end.

Customizing the predictive dialer process is crucial because it enables businesses to deliver the personal interaction most clients crave without having to sacrifice effectiveness and efficiency. In fact, a recent customer experience survey shows that 69 percent of U.S. consumers would be willing to provide more private information in exchange for more personalized service. Through the different customization features Vocalcom provides, businesses are able to prioritize key customers, interact in real-time, and remove the frustration of wait-time. Click here to learn more about how this technology can help you effectively customize and enhance the customer service experience.

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