Where is the Call Center Space Moving? Vocalcom Sounds Off

The call center has always been an area of targeted growth, sophistication and enhancement. The direction in which the call center space is headed has been just as equally of interest to major players in the space trying to stay one step ahead in the game. As a provider of today’s most disruptive call center software, Vocalcom is constantly working to secure our position at the forefront of these emerging changes. Recently, our very own George Seroukas, EVP North America, reflected on where he thinks the call center space is moving and where Vocalcom fits into that equation.

In the near future, Seroukas predicts a transition away from voice as today’s main customer service platform. As a provider of hyper-connected call center solutions, Vocalcom takes pride in offering the future of communications to enable customers with the ultimate, connected customer experience. “I think [voice] will significantly decrease over the next five years with communication over other mediums such as text, mobile chat and e-mail,” he notes.

Amidst this season of change, where does Vocalcom fit in? Seroukas explains that Vocalcom keeps up with this momentum by offering completely ubiquitous technology, enabling the company to easily fit into the market as it continues to shape and grow. This enables our clients – who range from insurance companies to banks to financial institutions to publication companies to customer service centers – to outperform their competitors.

“I think in the next five years, Vocalcom will be positioned as a leader in the virtual contact center environment; everything is shifting to cloud. We will be a purely cloud-based solution with multiple infrastructures all over the world,” he divulges.

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